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Since 1974, The Iron Factory has been committed to superior craftsmanship and quality service.

Founded by Jim Kronus, The Iron Factory began as the first and only golf club iron refinisher in the United States. Since then, we have perfected the process of repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing over a million clubs for both professional and amateur golfers. Our plating technique, known as Tour Chrome, has helped players across the world improve their game, whether it is on a championship hole or just another Saturday on the green.

We look forward to helping you with your favorite irons and bringing them back to their former glory.



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While we'd love to just talk golf all day long, we know you probably have questions about the nitty gritty.


How long does it take?

When we receive the clubs it normally takes 3-4 weeks depending on the season for all rechromes and rebuilds. Strip (only) and regrooving please allow 2 weeks. Any extra work will increase the time. Time is easily forgotten; quality is long remembered.


How do I ship my clubs?

Send your clubs to our listed address with a brief note of work required and include a daytime phone number.

what packaging should i use?

We recommend using a durable cardboard box and protecting the clubs with old newspaper. Sports section and comics are preferable. We reuse all packaging possible on the return trip to reduce waste.

How are the clubs shipped back?

Currently we use USPS Priority Mail for heads only and UPS for shafted club with signature confirmation. Any other means can be requested.


No, the customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs to and from.

Should i purchase insurance when i send my clubs?

Yes, you should purchase insurance to the verified value of the clubs. Sorry, our lawyer made us write that.


No, we are not responsible for clubs lost or damaged during shipping. Our lawyer made us write that too.

Chroming Process

Will I lose any weight?

During the polishing operation weight can be lost removing nicks and dings. The amount of material added during the plating process can replace lost head weight.

Will the chrome chip or peel?

Our proven process will not peel but it can chip with abnormal abuse. Please don't throw the clubs in your golf bag after a bad shot.


We can not rechrome TaylorMade RAC, black oxide wedges, Cleveland CG-10 irons made out of CMM material, Titleist AP-1 and AP-2 or other irons containing tungsten.


Putters such as Willson Staff 8802, Wilson Staff 8813, and Tommy Armour IMG need extra chrome so we charge $90 each.

Do you offer a black finish?

No, we have experimented and tested many finishes but have not found any that wear better than our current finishes.

Do you rechrome clubs with inserts in the cavities?

Yes, I will make every effort to rechrome an iron even if they have decorative inserts or plates in the cavities however some are so difficult to remove and reinstall that they become cost prohibitive.


How much does it cost?

All prices are per club and currently listed on our website, any special accommodations please inquire.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, our minimum charge is $40, about the average cost of a round of golf.

What payment methods do you offer?

All major credit cards, personal checks, and PayPal are accepted. There is an extra $5 charge on all PayPal payments.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

We are not in a position to offer quantity discounts.

Can you expedite an order?

Yes, please call us to arrange.

WHAT IF I DON’t Claim my clubs?

We will sell the clubs to recoup our processing costs after 6 months.


Do you offer your services to foreign countries?

Yes, we offer worldwide services.






I am writing to tell you how satisfied I am with the repair & recondition job you did on my club. I am truly impressed with the welding repair job that you performed. What a huge difference and improvement you have made to this club. The quality and workmanship is second to none.
— Joe C.
I received the irons last week. Only one problem - they look way too nice. I haven’t shafted them yet because I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to actually hit them.

Really impressive work and I so appreciate the quick turnaround.
— Alan M.
I received my irons today and they are beyond spectacular!!! You truly did an amazing job they look brand new! Thanks again.
— Kevin M.
I received my Titleist 670 heads back from you yesterday and they are awesome! Thank you for your hard work and great work. I appreciate you!
— William P.
Thank you, Jim! Irons are wonderful and you did a great job on welding over the old initials. Keep up the good work. I think what you do is a work of art and look forward to sending more work your way.
— Mark W.
Just a note to let you know that my refurbished Cleveland wedges arrived from the Iron Factory today and while they look great, I do have one problem: they look SO GOOD that I’m reluctant to even hit a ball. Yes, I expected a nice re-grooving job since that’s what I asked for but the faces also came sand-blasted and with the original gunmetal gray finish completely restored — BEAUTIFUL.
— Ben S.
I got the irons today and wow! Just incredible. I can’t thank you enough. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to get them on the course. Thank you very much for your time and efforts.
— Rob
I just got the Hogan Starburst irons back today. They are simply amazing! So beautiful. Excellent work, my man! I am going to put a new shaft on them and play the hell out of them.
— Mark
My refinished 1974 Hogan Apex irons have arrived and they look even better than I had hoped. The paint-filling on the tiny two-color Hogan “crown” logo was especially well done. I have no idea how you were able to do that. Thank you again—you have a new fan.
— Nollie S.
Thank you again for you incredible work on my Miura’s. You are truly a master. Everything is absolutely perfect.
— John H.
The Hogan wedges you stripped and polished for me are in one word, gorgeous!! They are flawless, and have a better face grooves than when they were new. The paint job is perfect. I love my new customized wedges!
— Jon M.
I received the PW today and couldn’t be happier! Top notch work and my only concern is the club you worked on looks so much better than the rest of my set! Thanks again for outstanding results!
— Dan I.
I don’t know what to say. I’m, quite literally, speechless. That you were able to turn that hunk of goodwill fifty cent junk into the wedge that I received today, well, I’m speechless.

I’m not sure if I want to use it now!
— Charles F.
I received my irons today! Wow did you blow me away. Brand new again! Thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future!
— Rob K.
I received the Vokey Wedge, and it looks great. This wedge will join a family of Titleist wedges you have re-chromed and refinished for me in the past.

I just like the older version of the Vokey wedges and you help keep my bag full of these old wedges.

Feel free to use me as a satisfied longtime customer.
— Bob
Got my Cleveland 588 wedge today. WOW ! It looks better than the day I bought it. Great work.
— Steve
Jim I want to sincerely want to thank u for the MP29s. They are in stunning shape and you were a joy to transact with. Thx!
— Mike B.
Received the clubs back today. Wow! They look great. I hope you did some magic in shaving some strokes off.
— Jeffrey S.
Just received my clubs. Beautiful. They look to good to use but I will tomorrow. Thanks for your great work.
— Jim W.
I just wanted to let you know that the Hogans arrived, and they are perfect! Thank you so much for your help in restoring these to my requested look and specs! I have a couple of other wedges that I’m hoping to have restored, and I’ll definitely send them your way!
— Jordan C.
Received my 55 degree wedge, which you totally rebuilt today. WOW!!! What a great job you did on this club.
 I have had the club for 40+ years, and it was my favorite club. When I sent it to you, it had virtually no grooves left, chrome surface was almost bare. It now looks like I just bought it at a pro shop. Great work, great service, right price.
 Thanks again.
— Steve F.
So I broke in the new/old wedges on a 3 day bender on the Alabama Golf Trail. 6 rounds in 3 days. I have to say they performed better than ever. I have had them for years and they are better than brand new. The Purple/Gold accents are unbelievable. When the sun hit them just right...they absolutely popped!

Would give you 3 thumbs up if I had 3!
— Steve C.
Just got back my PXG wedge and wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what an amazing job you did on it. I’ve been sending out clubs for years and this is the best job I have ever gotten back. I know I will be using you in the future for other jobs. Thanks for doing a great job!
— Tom W.
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